3 thoughts on “Mindrum – A New Website

  1. Will the new website contain any details of those who lived and worked on the estate? I am trying to trace living relatives of my 2nd Great Grandfather, Richard Newton, who was working as a Farm Labourer at Mindrum Farm on the 1901 Census. My mother remembers visiting her Great Aunt, Thomasina Newton, at Mindrum during the 1930’s and her Aunt Thomasina’s nephews, Richard (Dick) and David Newton continued to live and work on the estate. I would be thrilled to be made aware of anyone who may be related, or know of, them and could help me identify people in the many photos I have inherited,

    1. Glynis

      Thanks for this, I have no record of them at the moment, but will keep eyes out – perhaps someone reading this might have more details. If I find anything I will let you know. Let me know if you pick up any threads that we might be able to develop.


      1. Many thanks, T.

        I intend coming to Mindrum soon for a look around the area. I recently found Firwood Cottage on a B&B website which is named on the 1881 census as my Gt Gt grandfather’ residence! All these little discoveries are exciting for me (I obviously lead a quiet life!)
        Ps congratulations on creating the website. It’s important to record these histories for future generations.

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