About Mindrum

Mindrum is located in North Northumberland in the Cheviot foothills.   The farm is in England though we march with Scotland to the South and the West.  The farm has a range of landscapes including meandering river valleys, ancient wetlands, a  quintessentially English country garden and dramatic rolling hills with magnificent views across the Cheviot National Park

Mindrum is run as a family business and whilst farming creates the foundation of the business across sheep, cattle and arable enterprises, we put considerable personal time and effort into conservation.  This is a policy that we have been pursuing for many decades, often in the face of changing government policy, but it has paid off and resulted in a wonderfully rich environment teeming with wildlife.

This pursuit of balance remains an underlying theme in most of the initiatives we pursue, and we were recently privileged to win the Northumberland Class of the Yas Tye Trophy, an award recognising the contribution of Farmers in Yorkshire and the North East, to conservation and environmental improvement in a commercial farming environment.

Ponds and Rockeries in the Mindrum Gardents
Ponds and Rockeries in the Mindrum Gardens

The gardens at Mindrum are open through the year by appointment, and are a magical combination of old fashioned roses, hardy perennials, shrubs, rockery, woodland walks and winding paths leading down to the river which is home to a wide range of wildlife including dippers, otters and kingfishers.    The Bowmont water, part of the Tweed and Till River systems is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and we work closely with Natural England to maintain a number of different river bank environments.

We have a range of farming enterprises running.
We have a range of farming enterprises running.

We have a diverse and increasing range of agricultural and rural interests operating from Mindrum in a rich  archaeological, environmental,  and ecological context.  Mindrum is a commercial farming operation, though we strive to maintain a balance that takes the best of modern and ancient practices and listen closely to what the ground tells us.

Recently refurbished  holiday cottages are now available to rent, so that guests can stay and explore Mindrum at their leisure.
If you do come to visit us, we look forward to welcoming you to Mindrum and hope you enjoy your stay.

Tom & Miki Fairfax

2 thoughts on “About Mindrum

    Barbara-Jean Borthwick said:
    July 11, 2015 at 8:19 am

    Hello, Tom,
    I recently visited your breathtakingly lovely garden with some friends, and I’m hoping to bring some more friends on Monday. Are you open, do we need to make an appointment, or can we just come along?
    Many thanks.

      tpfairfax responded:
      July 21, 2015 at 7:17 pm

      You are incredibly kind – sorry about the delay in response – this seems to have hung! The best thing is to give us a ring or email on tpfairfax@gmail.com – just in case there is something ghastly going on (Mucking out or moving Cattle etc…) Normally it should be fine.

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